About Vitrene


imageAll about Vitrene.

A question from our customers is often, ” do you have any new work?”

The answer to this follows an evolution of our thinking about our ceramic work.  How can we grow as artists and what do we want to do to explore our own creativity?  Yes, artists do ask these questions of themselves! Realizing that the potential of combining our original artwork with glass would create a beautiful strong and enduring piece of art for all environments inspired us to move forward.  Our investigation is a collaborative affair with my (Christine) interest in expression through painting and Bruce’s understanding of how to move forward in a different exciting way.

We researched for about two years and applied our knowledge of how to do this into the art we call Vitrene. The word Vitrene originates from a word mentioned in William Gibson’s book Spook Country.  Since we have enjoyed his books we paid attention to his mention of vitrine.  Although a vitrine is defined as a glass showcase for objects, the use of this word was our starting point.  We created the word Vitrene spelled differently with a different meaning as well.  Our newly created word for our art form has now been established.

For our art form, our Vitrene is a mixed media creation.  The piece is first painted by Christine in ceramic glazes on a hand formed tile created by Bruce and fired to 2000 degrees.  The resulting image is deconstructed, painted and printed onto glass we prepare.  Our Vitrene are truly original with unusual qualities and specific characteristics.

The qualities that make Vitrene unique are its the uniqueness of the visual, the spectacular effect of the visual.  Each Vitrene is a special brilliant colorful expressive work of art you will be proud to own!

To see more of our work Vitrene Gallery has a selection of our colorful pieces. You can see our entire collection at our exhibits in the South and Midwest.

Call 352-466-3078 for updated or ordering information. We can also send you pictures of our latest pieces.



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