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The Abundance of Creativity

If you have ever looked out over a field of brilliantly colored flowers, loved the sound of hundreds of fallen leaves crunching under your feet in the fall, or appreciated the underwater view of scores of day-glo fish, you have experienced the magnificent abundance of nature. Creativity knows no bounds as well. If you give… Continue reading The Abundance of Creativity


How to Beautify Your Garden or Patio with Free Shipping!

Are you working on your garden preparing for outdoor gatherings? Or maybe you just laid the brick walkway to your deck or gazebo. You might have a mosaic small table that needs an accent. Or your pool has been cleared of debris and you’re getting ready for pool parties. Yay! You have also found our… Continue reading How to Beautify Your Garden or Patio with Free Shipping!


Summertime & the Enjoyment from Art Fairs is Easy!

We revenue to high gear in the summer. Living in the South, I have to tell, is dang hot in the summer. So where do we make a living selling our art when outside temperatures cause major sweat outbreaks? We go North! Of course it’s a fallacy that the North is cooler in the summer-maybe… Continue reading Summertime & the Enjoyment from Art Fairs is Easy!


What’s New?

Introducing our newest addition to our solar table lights as well as our hanging lights: Hibiscus flower! Like our other designs the colors include yellow, a wonderful golden hue, as well as coral, very striking, cobalt blue, turquoise ( with amazing tones) and light sage-quietly lovely! Can you imagine one spotlighting your pathway at night?… Continue reading What’s New?


What is a Art Marketplace Part 1

For many years now cities have been planning art fairs for cultural and economic enhancement in their community. It’s a chance to open up the streets and bring the diverse talent of local and national artists to the public in an art fueled weekend. Sometimes the cities permit promoters or other groups such as art… Continue reading What is a Art Marketplace Part 1


Which artist are you most like?

As social media continues to survey its readers on every possible question, data about your life is stealthily collected.  What “they” are using the data for can only be surmised as we are not in on it. The most logical explanation from my studies is enhanced artificial intelligence. We have robots that can perform many… Continue reading Which artist are you most like?