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Past Present Future

History presents wondrous objects d’art from artists we can only learn about from observation and written texts from their time. When for the first time an Impressionist understood the dissembling of light, its effect on the eye and how to represent it on canvas, we can only conjecture. Yet the timelessness and beauty of so… Continue reading Past Present Future

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Summer Tour Begins

With all the social media tools my WP blog needs attention! We are currently updating our images so you can see what we are creating now.  Every week we make solar torches and lights and offer them to our customers at fine art festivals and on our websites.  It’s a challenge keeping our inventories available… Continue reading Summer Tour Begins

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Artist vs Musicians

I recently attended a Bush concert in Tampa Florida and had personal conversations with the band members.  As I love their music it was great fun but I couldn’t help but be struck by their lifestyle, the touring, the set-up for the concert, their fan base, the days away from home and all the details… Continue reading Artist vs Musicians

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The ecological value of clay

Wouldn’t it be convenient to stop using your hard earned dollars to purchase items that just fall apart and have no lasting value? Would you like color, function and durability in your garden? Clay pieces have been found from hundreds of time periods from our past from every corner of the world. Still intact their… Continue reading The ecological value of clay


Earth, water, air, and fire

Being able to fashion the elements of the earth with water to create a form with utility as well as a charm is one of life’s most pleasant gifts.  I am constantly amazed even after thirty some years that the delight in the process exists every day I engage in this profession. When friends or… Continue reading Earth, water, air, and fire