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Thanks for Your Support

For over ten years now we have been making these quirky wonderful solar torches. Well, they first started out as regular torches that burn lamp oil. And then for the last few years we turned them into solar lights by adding holes for the light to flow out through the globe itself. One thing some… Continue reading Thanks for Your Support

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The Healing Power of Color

  Recently we were in Venice exhibiting at a Fine Art event outdoors. It was a lovely day. A little cool for the winter in South Florida. Amazing blue skies though. And the sun was gently warming us throughout the weekend. Behind our canopy was a well manicured hedge of hibiscus. I kept feeling attracted… Continue reading The Healing Power of Color

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Using Color to Set Mood

Just like viewing this glorious sunset, color is the easiest way to shift the energy in your home or office to create good feelings. You want the color to harmonize with the activity in the room as well. Using these two colors can create a balance in your room as you use these qualities. Using Salmon,… Continue reading Using Color to Set Mood

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The Abundance of Creativity

If you have ever looked out over a field of brilliantly colored flowers, loved the sound of hundreds of fallen leaves crunching under your feet in the fall, or appreciated the underwater view of scores of day-glo fish, you have experienced the magnificent abundance of nature. Creativity knows no bounds as well. If you give… Continue reading The Abundance of Creativity

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Past Present Future

History presents wondrous objects d’art from artists we can only learn about from observation and written texts from their time. When for the first time an Impressionist understood the dissembling of light, its effect on the eye and how to represent it on canvas, we can only conjecture. Yet the timelessness and beauty of so… Continue reading Past Present Future

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Art Fair Excitement

What’s so special about art fairs?  Of course the art and the chance to see creations maybe never before shown to the public.  Living inspired works from the spirit of the heart and mind created as an expression of joy, criticism, intrique, you name it! The other side is obvious but often not considered.  Many… Continue reading Art Fair Excitement

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The Best Shows and Why We Like Them

The best shows we exhibit at have similar qualities that help us sell our work and enjoy meeting the public.  You might be curious as an art fair goer, “What does that mean?” There’s a difference when the organizers layout the art show so that all exhibitors have equal access to the flow of traffic.… Continue reading The Best Shows and Why We Like Them

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Summer Tour Begins

With all the social media tools my WP blog needs attention! We are currently updating our images so you can see what we are creating now.  Every week we make solar torches and lights and offer them to our customers at fine art festivals and on our websites.  It’s a challenge keeping our inventories available… Continue reading Summer Tour Begins

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Halloween HeHeHe

So if you are a ceramic artist you got to go whimsy once in a while! It was so much fun ‘carving’ these little fellows. Putting a solar light in the top means you can use it every season! Carving a pumpkin will always be a fun tradition, but you always need more fun lights… Continue reading Halloween HeHeHe

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Our September Tour Ends At Thornebrook

We just completed a wild tour from MI to VA and MD. Filled with many memories of the people, both new and old friends, introducing our art to new communities, enjoying the ambiance and culture of the different regions. We’re home and it’s great to be back! Now it’s studio time as the daily activities… Continue reading Our September Tour Ends At Thornebrook