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Final Days of Firehead & Solar Torches

Our colorful and beloved heads are retiring. If they could talk what a story they would tell about all the places they have been!

After the summer our torch website is shutting down and our solar lights will no longer be available. We are no longer making them. 😦

imageimageimageThis is the current inventory of our Solar Torches. If you have been following us, you can see the remaining colors and styles now.

Below are the Firehead Torches we have left. If you desire two of any kind the shipping charges will only be for one. We will bundle and give a little discount with shipping.

If you have thought about purchasing one but haven’t yet, just a reminder that after the summer our website for the torches is closing. Most of these images are just one of a kind left. A few have more than one. Message for details.

If you wish to purchase one and we are touring your city, we begin our tour August 16. That’s in just a few days so let us know asap and you can save on shipping! 

Just call 353-466-3078 or email


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