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Thanks for Your Support


For over ten years now we have been making these quirky wonderful solar torches. Well, they first started out as regular torches that burn lamp oil. And then for the last few years we turned them into solar lights by adding holes for the light to flow out through the globe itself.

One thing some of our customers may not know about us is how long we have been making pottery and ceramic art. Bruce started making pots back in the late sixties when he lived in California studying ceramics at UCIrvine with the esteemed sculptor John Mason.

I met Bruce in the mid seventies after he had settled his pottery studio in Micanopy. Although I assisted in many aspects of pottery making my primary focus was on painting, using the Chinese horsehair brush to glaze paint on the pots Bruce made. We continued this division of labor with some exceptions for many years.

Flash forward to many years of married life, two children, two grandchildren, and a desire to explore new yearnings, new areas of creative expression that interest and excite us. It is time to move on.

Consequently, we are closing our ceramic business with our solar lights and torches. We are deeply grateful for all the wonderful customers who have loved our lights. We enjoyed every single one of your stories of where you put the lights and how much you enjoy them.

Making pottery or the kind of ceramic sculpture we were making is vey demanding physically. So now we look forward to a different medium with new avenues of expression for us for the stage of our life.

We will continue to sell our inventory here on our site until it is gone and will no longer have any more to sell. If you have been looking to purchase a solar light in the future, these are our last ones. There are limited colors and only a few left.

You can call us for information or to purchase. You will receive a pole as well as always.

Although one chapter of our life is closing, another is opening with vibrant colorful expressive glass art. We hope you continue to follow us with our new work through our art events or online when we get more art present there.

Our schedule shows where we’ll be and we hope you continue to find us and our art at a festival near you!





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