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The Healing Power of Color



Recently we were in Venice exhibiting at a Fine Art event outdoors. It was a lovely day. A little cool for the winter in South Florida. Amazing blue skies though. And the sun was gently warming us throughout the weekend.

Behind our canopy was a well manicured hedge of hibiscus. I kept feeling attracted to the beauty of the color-such a luscious pink, rose or how to describe it, it defies description.

I so enjoyed it’s beauty I had to capture it with my handy iPhone camera! There was shade yet the colors were still apparent  down to the little white veins and yellow and orange stamens.

Gazing at the flower gave me a lot of pleasure as you can tell I love flowers. It got me to thinking about pink. Now pink has become a symbol of the woman’s health movement, mainly fighting breast cancer.

What I have learned intuitively from many sources about color is that pink is “love.” Quite apt for a rallying cry to fund research to learn more about the breast-a literal embodiment of food source, life giving, and loving bond between mother and child.


There was a trend for a while to denigrate pink as the “girl” color and allow more freedom in color choice. The association was pink representing the lesser feminine qualities and being softer, delicate, more recessive.

With the revival of pink it now seems to have evolved to represent fighting for survival, for more funding to understand the causes of cancer and a commitment for advancing solutions.

Pink is a wonderful color, has many shades, hues, and complements many other colors, noticeably the currently popular gray. As it has morphed over into men’s clothing, what it could be saying is this. Let’s allow men to show their softer more loving side. And let’s allow women more choice in choosing colors to represent their nature.

Wherever pink is going I know it will always mean love to me. I think anyone can understand why that matters and why pink can stand on its own for any color symbolism. We need more reminders of that loving nurturing quality of humanity whether it’s on a wristband, pillow, dress, picture or flower.

For me right now I choose flowers  and thank them for their beauty, a true gift.








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