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Using Color to Set Mood


Just like viewing this glorious sunset, color is the easiest way to shift the energy in your home or office to create good feelings. You want the color to harmonize with the activity in the room as well. Using these two colors can create a balance in your room as you use these qualities.

Using Salmon, which is a combination of yellow/orange and red/orange is quite a harmonious color striking a unique balance of earth.

Using Turquoise, which is a blue/green combo, also evokes harmony and calm from the qualities of water.

I have noticed a large return to Teal in many of the windows of design centers and home furnishing stores. Also Gray/Green and any of the lighter or darker shades are in full force.

Painting the walls of your home with the choice of so many shades of gray is such a neutral palette for any kind of accent you wish to add. Also figure on the light from morning sun or approaching dusk to create wonderful shadows for your home enjoyment!


Don’t forget accessorizing-it’s fun to choose your favorites for the ultimate harmony!



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