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Changing of the Seasons

There is a natural rhythm of the seasons even in the South where the winds blow more gently in August heralding the coming cooler weather. It’s always a reminder, if kinda funny, because it could be 88 or 90 outside and I will feel this air drifting by, somewhat cooler, and swift, letting me know-it’s coming-a change.

Whether it’s because of my birth month and that it was the first impressions for me in the fall, this season does delight me. The gatherings with sports, night fires, brisk air, and shifts of nature are so wonderfully presented now.

I feel for those suffering from recent flooding, mudslides, and other acts of nature and weather events becoming all too frequent. It’s obvious that in spite of the wonderful qualities of the seasons there is another impact overlaying the rhythms we have always enjoyed. You don’t have to have any opinion of what is causing the changes to feel them…and why it is so crazy to think that this is right or wrong, man-made or nature changing. It’s just happening and we have to deal with it. My own concerns for my professional life revolve around selling my art in outdoor events. So many artists have been rained out for at least one day for repeated events, even five in a row. That makes it hard to recoup expenses. These kind of experiences make one work harder to be known through social media.

I often wonder if more events will move inside as a result of the weather conditions devolving. I sure hope not as it’s great to be outside and enjoying our environments of culture, art, and social connections. I am sure there will be modifications as time goes on.

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