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Art Fair Excitement

What’s so special about art fairs?  Of course the art and the chance to see creations maybe never before shown to the public.  Living inspired works from the spirit of the heart and mind created as an expression of joy, criticism, intrique, you name it!

The other side is obvious but often not considered.  Many art collectors and shoppers find it a natural attraction and always attend.  They may not always buy but the environment is so attractive going there is not to be missed.  The visuals, bright colors, subdued palettes, abstracts, realism, faces, nature, you can take it all in and enjoy these expressions.  We artists don’t want to be considered a street museum but visiting the site conveys similar feelings as a museum walk-awe, wonderment, questioning, discernment, opinions, likes, dislikes, love!, hate!, and more.  The difference is the marketplace.  Real art for sale-not historical, ancient, untouchable.  Real creations that took time, energy, planning, effort, resources, to bring to market an expression totally unique and maybe just right for you!

Enjoying that experience, the study of the artist, the wonderful atmosphere on the streets where it is open and you can roam to your heart’s content-that is the art fair experience and why people attend.  If you don’t go, why don’t you consider it again.  It’s uplifting and will give you a positive enjoyable time and you may even find a treasure you can’t live without.  Many art pieces are heirlooms and will increase in value over time especially for future generations.  Imagine the pleasure of grandchildren receiving a piece from you some day and appreciating the gift!

In a world where computers are taking over jobs to free humans from drudgery, the artist remains fully connected to the materials and resources to create.  Often times utilizing machines yet always in charge as the creation gets formed.  Art is special and will remain so through time as uniquely human and a universal expression of the spirit of humanity and the individual.

Art booth avenue3

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