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Do you eat art fair food?

As an astute observer of the eaters and the buyers at art fairs, sometimes they overlap, mostly they do-what do we see people eating?

Well, mostly what is offered.  You will always see people eating what’s offered as well as going to the cafes around the fairs which often complain about the extra business (can you imagine that?!)

There are two things to say about art fair food.  Well, maybe three. I might go on and on.

#1 Art Fair food booths have to comply with all county, city rules regarding sanitation standards.  Often their booths are more inspected and up to date then kitchens which get inspected yearly.

#2 People love elephant ears, the sweet fried puffy dough thingys.  They also love kettle corn.

#3 Food vendors work very hard as sole proprietors in demanding conditions.  If it’s a cold day, ice cream vendors lose big time.  Their fees are much steeper than artists booths, if you can imagine that!

#4 If you like meat you can often get a very tasty sandwich.  There are lobster rolls, seafood chowder, crabcakes, seafood platters, pulled pork, Philly steaks, corndogs, hotdogs, turkey legs, gyros, and tacos.

#5 If you don’t eat meat, many events are now featuring alternatives.  At Ann Arbor this year you can find samples from one vegan company pictured below.  We have noticed a trend for some events to have large sample tables of alternative foods for people to try out.

Looks like at art fairs there is something for everyone!


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