A Timeless Recipe for Art

Cave Picture – Travel Wallpaper – National Geographic Photo of the Day. For literally thousands and thousands of years, the human animal has expressed its inner life through its hands, pigments of the earth, water and its own needs. This is an amazing picture of the hands, as if a stencil cut out, on the… Continue reading A Timeless Recipe for Art


The Long Lasting Stoneware

We had a great dinner celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight.  While I was setting the table we started talking about how long we have had these dishes.  Bruce reminded me that our dinnerware was from our high fire stoneware days before we converted to electric.  So that puts these dishes in the early 80’s.  It’s amazing… Continue reading The Long Lasting Stoneware


Earth, water, air, and fire

Being able to fashion the elements of the earth with water to create a form with utility as well as a charm is one of life’s most pleasant gifts.  I am constantly amazed even after thirty some years that the delight in the process exists every day I engage in this profession. When friends or… Continue reading Earth, water, air, and fire