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Final Days of Firehead & Solar Torches

Our colorful and beloved heads are retiring. If they could talk what a story they would tell about all the places they have been! After the summer our torch website is shutting down and our solar lights will no longer be available. We are no longer making them. šŸ˜¦ This is the current inventory of… Continue reading Final Days of Firehead & Solar Torches

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Thanks for Your Support

For over ten years now we have been making these quirky wonderful solar torches. Well, they first started out as regular torches that burn lamp oil. And then for the last few years we turned them into solar lights by adding holes for the light to flow out through the globe itself. One thing some… Continue reading Thanks for Your Support


Spring Season of Shows in Effect

There have been record crowds of people coming out to the art exhibits in Florida this year.So many ‘Snowbirds’ visit our state each winter. It’s hard to fathom that millions and millions of Northerners and others from Europe, Canada, maybe othe countries, flock here to escape the cold.  I had one customer tell me, I… Continue reading Spring Season of Shows in Effect

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The Healing Power of Color

  Recently we were in Venice exhibiting at a Fine Art event outdoors. It was a lovely day. A little cool for the winter in South Florida. Amazing blue skies though. And the sun was gently warming us throughout the weekend. Behind our canopy was a well manicured hedge of hibiscus. I kept feeling attracted… Continue reading The Healing Power of Color

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Using Color to Set Mood

JustĀ like viewing this glorious sunset, color is the easiest way to shift the energy in your home or office to create good feelings. You want the color to harmonize with the activity in the room as well. Using these two colors can create a balance in your room as you use these qualities. Using Salmon,… Continue reading Using Color to Set Mood


Shop Fine American Art & Craft

  Ā From our home in North Central Florida we are traveling to the West Coast of Florida to beautiful Sarasota. We are exhibiting at the Sarasota Craft Fair at the Robards Arena. This Friday through Sunday we will be amidst over 100 fine nationally acclaimed artists presenting very special creations for the holiday season. Ā There… Continue reading Shop Fine American Art & Craft

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The Abundance of Creativity

If you have ever looked out over a field of brilliantly colored flowers, loved the sound of hundreds of fallen leaves crunching under your feet in the fall, or appreciated the underwater view of scores of day-glo fish, you have experienced the magnificent abundance of nature. Creativity knows no bounds as well. If you give… Continue reading The Abundance of Creativity


How to Beautify Your Garden or Patio with Free Shipping!

Are you working on your garden preparing for outdoor gatherings? Or maybe you just laid the brick walkway to your deck or gazebo. You might have a mosaic small table that needs an accent. Or your pool has been cleared of debris and you’re getting ready for pool parties. Yay! You have also found our… Continue reading How to Beautify Your Garden or Patio with Free Shipping!